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Monday, February 20, 2012

I {heart} boobies! But not the bounce...

So there are two things on my mind: a) how am I going to get my puppy, who refuses to be housebroken, to potty outside and b) HOW COULD SHE eat my CW-X all-time-most-favorite-ever sports bra?! (I've tried the Moving Comfort (various, Juno, Fiona, Cara,...not impressed, or should I say was impressed over Champion's run of the mill pull-over until I learned better!)

I was thinking about these two primary thoughts while I was on my run this morning, fuming over the fact that my new (adopted) puppy chewed through one of the straps on my (can I say it again?? ALL TIME VERY\MOST favorite) sports bra. I run/walk/hike/snowboard/kickbox just about every day so an amazing sports bra is an absolute must! I also receive Outside, Fitness, Self, Shape, and Women’sHealth magazines, read them cover to cover, and pour over the “Best Sports Bra of 20XX!” articles each one produces at some point each year. They’ve been no help for me personally…but an advertisement in Women’s Health did lead to my discovery of THE best bra ever – the CW-X XTRA Support Bra II.

Every year, most women hunt for THE perfect boots. (Admit it, you know what I’m talking about., and I’m not necessarily an exception.) Although for me, I’m generally on the hunt for the perfect sports bra. I’m a small framed (32) yet larger chested (and you thought I was going to tell you) chick and the one-piece wonders you can pick up at Target just don’t do it for me.

In my very overly honest opinion, the CW-X bras (by Wacoal – you know, the amazing yet expensive line of every day bras you can find at Nordstrom…they must know their boobies) get passed over almost every time as THE most amazing bra ever. A bonus? They’ve higher cut in the front so when you’re doing your downward-facing dog you’re not going to lose any coverage!

Runners will know CW-X because of their supportive garments (key word – support) such as their compression tights, socks, and tanks.  I know them by my hoards of their XTRA Support Bra II. Yes, they’re expensive. Yes, they can be impossible to find in-store making online ordering difficult. (For the record, I’ve found that they fit pretty spot on with my normal bra size.) However, they are worth the investment – and so is your health! I won’t go into a PSA about how boobie bounce may be “hot” for the guy on the treadmill next to you while leaving you with saggy super-old woman boobs ten years down the line, but just check these out. Your girls will be happy, the bras last forever (this is not a warranty statement) if you treat them carefully and wash them with McNett’sReviveX Synthetic Wash (don't believe the "washer safe" if you want longevity - this goes for any piece of elite athletic wear). And please, I beg of you – keep them away from puppy-reach!!

In no way do I represent CW-X, I just appreciate the solid line of high-impact sports bras that they have gifted to the world.  If you don’t believe me – check out their testimonials. If this made you decide to invest in one – let me know! Did you love it or hate it?

*Sheepleg is currently looking into carrying CW-X. Stay tuned for an update! Also check out their compression running pants - a must for knee or compartment related injuries! Plus, they make you look fast. 

Yours in adventure -

Red Fox

The title of my post came from a sighting of one of those "I {heart} boobies" bracelets that support The Keep A Breast foundation. They are doing an important job educating young people on the importance of early detection! Please check out their website and educate yourself or the person next to you. 


  1. Ugh. I hate to admit that most of my sports bras come from Target. This is due to sheer laziness to invest the time or energy to look for a quality sports bra. Thanks for doing all the hard work for me! I'll go check them out!