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Monday, February 20, 2012

It's dark, dreary, and raining - where am I? Guess!

Oh yeah folks, you guessed it. I'm in, near, or around Seattle. I'm a Washington native - born and raised. I've tried living in the midwest (Nebraska) but it was toooo cold. I gave my hand at DC/Virginia but it was toooo hot. So I find myself remaining in Washington - where it's juuuusst right. ("Doom and gloom" aside.)

I go by Red Fox - or to some of you, Romeo Foxtrot. It's an old nickname I earned by being born with reddish hair and a quick wit. I also went through a sayings-phase when I used the phrase "like a fox!" as much as possible, but that's another story...

So here I am - stuck in the Pacific Northwest with nothing to do but hike, bike, kayak, backpack, snowboard - ok well, you get the idea. I don't have professional outdoor-person credentials, but I do have a lifetime of adventures and a knack for gear. That being said - I will be doing guest posts here at Sheepleg about my random adventures, my personal quests for specific equipment, new gear (sometimes old gear), and anything else in between. 

Please come here knowing that I will give you my honest and unbiased personal opinion and that I am not endorsed by a single manufacturer! Also, my opinion may not reflect that of the Sheepleg management. If you are curious to have my opinion on something - let me know! However, please keep requests respectful, we will be moderating comments. :) 

**If you have questions about Sheepleg, and order you want to/did place, or anything relating to the purchase of gear, please reach out to the right people back at HQ. Their contact info can be found here.

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  1. Glad I stumbled upon this blog and am llooking forward to more posts :)