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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Socks - keeping feet warm since forever.

In my house there has always been a division between me - the Darn Tough Vermont sock wearer and my pre-hubby (for those of you not in the know, that means "fiance" in Fox) - the Smartwool champion of the PNW.

And in the left corner....! I was introduced to DTVT years ago while at a tradeshow in Fort Campbell, KY. Believe it or not, the AC got stuck on "freeze" and all of us attendees were miserable. The previous year the opposite had happened - it was hot as heck! So there I was, in capris and flip flops, freezing my butt off. Luckily, the DTVT rep was just down the aisle and tossed me a pair of boot socks. I was a firm believer from then on! I personally go with the Over-The-Calf Padded for snowboarding days or the No Show Mesh for my workouts and on normal days.

And in the opposing corner...! On the other hand, the p-hubs was also a hardcore DTVT fan as they're from VT - and he's from ME. Northeastern's have to stick together you know. (He's also a hardcore Boston Redsox fan... you can throw tomatoes at any time.) He was turned on to Smartwool in 2009 and never looked back. As a runner, he wears their PhD Running Light Micro as well as the PhD Outdoor Light Micro. He actually has a few socks he has run straight through after multiple years of wear - YEARS. How they stayed around so long I'll never know.

So the other day I ran out of clean socks. You know, it just happens sometimes. I only wear socks when I'm working out (generally in flips or some other kind of 'no sock required' shoe the other times, in case you were worried) so I don't usually count on running out of them. No worries - I'll just steal some from P-Hubs!

  1. Steal cutest pair.
  2. Insert foot.
  3. Go out for run.

AMAZING. Fantastic! Oh so squishy comfortable! I hate to admit it DTVT fans, but I was instantly switched. The achilles heel padding is extremely nice and also helps to prevent slippage. The wool was softer than soft and fit nice and tightly to my foot so I didn't get sock-bunch when I pulled on my shoe. From there - it was as if Pandora herself had come and thrown open the sock drawer. Next time I went out snowboarding I used the Smartwool PhD Snowboard Medium because I happen to like a little shin cushion. They didn't slip down ONCE, which was obviously fantastic. Then came the hats, and a scarf for Christmas, and then new baselayers...oh my!

Needless to say - our household has made a full transition. What about yours? Which side of the fence do you fall on? Or are you out in left field with a totally different foot preference?

Oh - I almost forgot. My tried and true reminder: wash them well! You know what I'm saying - ReviveX Wool Wash. Do it.

Yours in adventure -

Red Fox

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