Do wool socks REALLY not stink after wearing several times? Episode 4:Sheepleg's Blog. The Muttering Mutton
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do wool socks REALLY not stink after wearing several times? Episode 4

Hello all,

Wear 4.  March 3, 2012

Another long run day.  7.52 miles at an easy pace.  It wasn't too chilly today (41), but the wind sure was cold.

The socks were very easy to get on today since they were still in the shape of my feet.  I didn't have to coax my toes into any of their respective slots, they just slid right in.  Surprisingly, even though the socks were shaped, they were still quite soft.  No crusty, crunchy grossness at all.

The run was easy (except I think I may have strained my foot) and I did not notice any performance deficiencies with the socks as I trudged along.  I grow more impressed with them each time I wear them.  I have a feeling that normal socks would have nearly disintegrated at this point in the testing.  You will have to test that one out on your own though.  My feet would smell so bad after the second wearing that I would have to run like The Flash to get away from the dogs chasing the rotting carcass smell emanating from my shoes.

Here are the pics.

These things still don't stink.  They are amazing.  I am going to keep giving them a run until I can get some sort of a smell out of them if it kills me...or my poor flat feet.

Get out there and run for fun.

The Shepherd.

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