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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Light My Fire Lunchboxes and Meal Kits

Hello All,

Here is a blast from the past from an old contributor.  Sheepish is his name and he made some great posts I think it is worthy to share again.

Anybody who has had the pleasure of using Light My Fire’s ingeniously designed spork which combines a full, functional spoon on one end, and a real, noodle-grabbing fork on the other end, knows that Light My Fire clearly thinks outside the box.

Speaking of boxes, you might want to give some thought as to what you will be eating your lunch out of when you’re out there in the great outdoors. Sure, for the committed thru-hiker, eating right out of the dehy bag is fine dining, but getting your family and kids to follow suit may not be as appetizing. That’s where the Light My Fire Meal Kits and Lunchboxes come in.

The Lunchbox is a rounded triangular shape made of durable and heat-resistant polypropylene, you can’t cook with it obviously, but it handles boiling water for your dehy meals, ramen noodles, or oatmeal packets just fine. The Lunchbox is available alone, or forms the basis of the Meal Kit which adds a clever spill-proof cup, a waterproof sealable container, a cutting board with integrated strainer holes, and the legendary spork which all nest together inside the lunchbox.

The Light My Fire Meal Kit comes with everything you need to turn your roughing it experience into a fine dining experience for those more inclined to appreciate such things. An optional harness straps the Meal Kit together and has an integrated biner to attach to your pack, and the tiny spicebox allows you to bring three of your favorite spices along with you to add a little zest to your picnic.

What is your favorite outdoor meal or piece of camp cookware?

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