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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Name our Sheep Mascot

Hello All,

Our little friend "the sheep" is a bit saaa-aaad right now because the poor thing does not have a name.  Shoot, right now it doesn't even know if it is a dude sheep or a chick sheep.

Since it took me several months to come up with the name for the website / company, it certainly behooves me to enlist support from all my virtual friends.  It will certainly get named much faster that way.   So rather than doing it on our own, we are requesting that all of our customers, fans, followers, and readers take a shot at naming it and potentially giving some sore of idea what gender it is.  We are offering a $100 gift card to the winning contestant.  If there is more than one person with the winning name, we will randomly choose the winner from those people.

We obviously won't accept anything nasty, so please refrain from those.  While I will admit that I do enjoy the relatively funny things that people enter in the "sex" field of our email newsletter signup form (which if you have not already signed up for, you really should, before you forget); I can't let those types of comments out there for all to see.

So that is it for today.  Please head over to our Facebook page and submit your entry to name the Sheep.  And don't forget to tell all your friends so they can like us and be cool like you already are if you are reading this.

Happy Naming!

The Shepherd....and "The Sheep"


  1. We don't know. It is up in the air. The best name will dictate what it is.