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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ouch! Tender Foot Meets Big Rock... Rock Wins.

Hello All,

Shepherd here again.  This isn't a new activity, but one I thought I would share.

I want to preface this post by saying I love my Vibram Five Fingers shoes.  So much so that I currently have 3 pair.  So certainly don't want to come across as being negative towards them.  But those thin soles sure can cause some pain in the right circumstances.

I had been running in my Bikilas for quite some time and were loving them. Since the weather was getting a little colder I decided I wanted to try out the Flows since they are neoprene lined.  One thing I did not notice about them as I was buying them was that they have a 2mm sole.  This is 2mm less than the Bikilas.  Now, at first glance you might say so what.  Let me tell you, that 2mm makes a big difference.

The first few runs I noticed my calves were much more tight and tired when I finished.  The thinner soles forced me to run even more up on my mid / forefoot causing the increased work for the calves.  No big deal.  I actually liked the change...until I hit "the rock".

I didn't look back after I stepped on it.  I just yelped (probably off beat with my iPod) and kept cranking along.  After another 50 yards I hit another one with the other foot.  At this point I am hobbled.  I finished my 4 miles sporting a new grimace with each step.  When I got home and removed the shoes, I realized the damage I had done on two "little" rocks.

 Let me just tell you how much fun it was not trying to walk with a bruise on the bottom of BOTH feet.  Needless to say, I took a couple of days off after this little incident.

It is obvious that this was caused through my misuse of the shoes.  The Flows are not made for road running.  I had never and never have had any issues out of my Bikilas or TrekSports on the road.  Their soles are built for it.

So my suggestion to you if you are running in the cold with Vibram Five Fingers and want to keep your tootsies warm, simply get some Toe Socks from Smartwool.  They are great.

Also, check out my little miniseries on how many times you can wear a pair of wool socks without washing them before the start to stink. 

Now get off your computer and hit the road.

The Shepherd

Do you wear minimalist shoes for running?  What are your favorites?


  1. VFF for life baby! :) Can't wait for my hideous pink and orange bikilas to arrive!

  2. Don't you know the louder the shoes, the faster you run? That is my story and I am sticking to it.