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Monday, April 23, 2012

Equinox Gear

Hello All,

Sheepish loved ultralight camping.  No wonder he knows so much about Equinox gear.

Equinox Gear

Equinox Ltd. is an earth-friendly gear manufacturer located in Pennsylvania that makes some seriously well-made, lightweight hiking, backpacking, and travel gear that is also very affordable. Sheepleg has  their line of products in our store and we’d like to share our staff’s favorite pieces of Equinox gear with you.


The Equinox ARAS pack is durable and lightweight, constructed of 1.1oz  ripstop silnylon to keep your gear dry with minimal weight. Features include generous mesh back pocket space to stow gear in and keep it readily accessible without opening the pack, compression shock cord suspension (great for strapping wet rain gear to dry as you hike), and, rare for lightweight packs, generous hip belt pockets and a lid with pocket to keep rain away from the top opening of the pack.
Sprawler Ultralite Bivi-2

The Sprawler bivy sack proves that keeping things simple is always the best way to go when it comes to making effective lightweight gear. At $59.95, it’s one of the most affordable bivy sacks on the market, and at 6.6 ounces (less than many wind jackets), among the lightest, it’s constructed of waterproof silnylon on the bottom and a water-resistant/breathable top to keep water from creeping into your sleeping bag and also allow moisture to escape through the top of the bag.

Terrapin Ultralite Poncho Ext-2

The Equinox Terrapin ultralight poncho is one of my personal favorite pieces of gear. A lightweight (9.6oz) silnylon poncho like the Terrapin serves not only as excellent rain gear, but with the addition of a few stakes and trekking poles, can be erected as a tarp shelter, replacing your heavier tent. The Terrapin comes in two sizes, one with an extension on the back to fit over your pack to keep it dry as well, and one without. Using a poncho is an excellent way to knock the weight and expense of carrying separate rain gear, pack cover, and shelter.

What is your favorite piece of ultralight gear? 

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