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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cover your wood

Hello all,

I just spent the night camping with some good friends for anight and thought I would share a valuable lesson learned.

We took a trip to Mammoth Cave National Park for some fun times not just for us, but also for their 5 year old son.  We did not do any hiking, instead we spent most of out time at the Kentucky Action Park for some bumper cars, bumper boats, alpine slide, mini golf, and video games.

Fun times for sure.

Back at the camp site we got the fire going...after some coercing.  As it turns out, the wood we bought was a bit on the green side.  Here is a side note.  We were going to bring our own wood, but since the park is having some issues with non indigenous bugs invading, they have instituted a ban on all firewood not cut within 10 miles of the park.  So like good little scouts we bought ours from the store located in the park.  For only $4 a bundle, it is the least we could do to support our national parks.

If only we could have supported this poor deer.  It was friendly enough, coming right up to us almost close enough to pet, but could have used a hamburger or two.

So we get the fire going and started to make dinner.  While doing this, we also decided on taking some of the wood we were going to use in the morning for breakfast and dry it out a little next to the fire pit.  Pretty smart, right.  Sure was, but in true Shepherd fashion we put everything up when we were ready for bed but neglected to cover the wood we just dried out.

You want to guess what happened at about 3 am?  You got it.  Rain.

We thought we were smart little campers by waterproofing our tents the afternoon before and that was a great idea.  We didn't get wet sleeping, but our fire wood sure did.

Fast forward to 5 am with birds sounding off like little monsters at a Lady Gaga concert and I couldn't sleep any longer.  So I thought I would be nice and get the fire going for everyone and we could get the breakfast party started right after they got up.

No dice.  I spend the next hour whittling little shavings off the fire wood and breaking the bark off of it so I could get a mini fire hot enough to even get the bigger logs to think about burning.

While the fire never got super hot and we probably set a world record for the longest time took to make scrambled eggs, we got full and nobody got food poisoning.  Those were also the smokiest eggs I've ever had.  :)

In the end it all turned out fine.  Surprisingly I do not have another "I cut the end of my finger off" or an "I accidentally stabbed myself in the gut" story.  As much as I would love to write a post on how great my first aid kit is, I will just keep appreciating the fact I have never needed it...knock on wet wood.

'Til next time,

Happy Hiking

The Shepherd.

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