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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Shepherd tackles Tough Mudder

Hello all,

It has been a while since I've made any posts and I guess you can blame it on my Mom.  I just haven't had anything good to say, so I haven't said anything at all.  But after completing the Kentucky Tough Mudder, I've got a few things to talk about.

For those of you not familiar with Tough Mudder, just click on the link.  Then sign up for the one closest to you and get to training!

The Kentucky Mudder was held on October 20th.  We set out at 8:20, which was the second group of the day.  Our thinking here was that the obstacles would not be too worked over and thus easier to navigate.  This was our thinking 9 months ago when we signed up and were not thinking of October weather in Kentucky.  I have seen it snow on Halloween and handed out candy in shorts as well.  It is a crap shoot for sure.  Mr. cold weather decided to show up this year and we took off running with the temperature a balmy 42 degrees.  The sunrise was at 7:49.  Brr.

Normally 40 something degrees is great running weather.  You can start off cool but your body heat makes it perfect after a mile or so.  The main difference here is that I don't usually, and by usually I mean never, run while soaking wet after being dumped in ice water.

But I'll get to that in a minute.  First let's cover the course.

Our course was roughly 10 miles through some pretty hilly terrain.  The terrain actually turned out to be the second most difficult obstacle.  I took this map and zoomed in on MapMyRun just to see what the elevation changes were.  You can see that here.  It is not a perfect representation of every nook and cranny on the course, but it serves its purpose.  We were hosted by the Big Rock Off-Road Park near Maysville, KY

Maysville was a nice town with friendly people, the park was a great place to have it, and most of all the event was planned and executed wonderfully.  From the shuttles to the ample supply of toilets, it was great.

I was part of a team of Mudders from Elizabethtown, KY.  We were supported by Sheepleg (of course) and Hardin Memorial Health, who supplied us with our team shirts.

Enough of the setup.  Let's get to running.

Before you can even get to the start line you have to scale a 10 foot wall.  As pumped up as you are at this point, this wall is easy.  I felt like a ninja hopping over this one.

We all gathered at the start line and listened to the MC.  We gave the Tough Mudder pledge and listened to the National Anthem.  The MC did his thing and got us all even more amped up before turning us loose on the course...or did he turn the course loose on us?

Stay tuned for a recap of each obstacle and everything in between.  You didn't really think I would give it all up at once did you?

Up Next:  The start and Kiss of Mud.

Until then,

The Shepherd.