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Monday, June 17, 2013

Grilling For Beginners

Those taking up grilling for the first time need not worry about failing. As long as you know how to properly cook each type of meat on your grill you will be able to put together any dish you can think of.

The process of keeping meat safe to eat and free of germs and bacteria starts at the pre-grocery store phase, where it is kept dry and refrigerated using a temperature monitoring system to ensure freshness. Once you buy it from the store, it is important to properly store the meat before you get ready to cook.

Since each type of meat is different, we put this infographic together to explain each so you know how to best prepare them on your grill. From safe minimum cooking temperatures to essential barbeque tips, this infographic gives you the tools you need to improve your grilling skills.

With summer around the corner, start heating up your grill and send out invitations for your next party!

David Cormier is a graphic designer for Madgetech.

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