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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sheepleg Partners with Rainy Pass Repair

Hello all,

We are excited to announce that Sheepleg and Rainy Pass Repair are working together to help our fellow outdoors-folks keep their gear in tip top shape or even alter it to fit specific needs.

While Sheepleg is still in its terrible 2's and growing like a weed, Rainy Pass Repair has been fixing gear for over 25 years!  They not only repair gear, but they also alter and clean it as well.  They have agreements with some of the largest manufacturers so their work won't void your warranties.

The process couldn't be simpler.  You simply fill out a form, mail your gear and payment information to them, and they get you all squared away.  We don't get in the middle of the process.  It is just a heads up to our customers who have a favorite jacket they don't want to part with that there is a way.

If you held on to your blanky for years to protect you from the boogie man, you certainly need to hold on to the sleeping bag or tent that is going to keep the rain and critters...or worse yet, raining critters off of you at night while you sleep.

You can check them out in more detail on their website here.  They have gear tips, reviews, and all types of other information you can use.

Now go hit the trail!

The Shepherd.

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